20 Intelligent Servers employees are doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks for Yorkshire Air Ambulance


Intelligent Servers is taking part in the exciting and rewarding challenge of tackling the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks this September to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance!

3 Ways to Make Your IT Budget Go Further

We understand that it can be a struggle to balance increasingly tight budgets with your IT hardware needs. That’s why we’ve put together a breakdown of three simple ways you can make your IT budget go further without sacrificing performance or reliability.

1600% Increase in Laptop Orders – Here are 3 of our most Popular Laptops

With millions of workers and students forced to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, global sales of laptops shot to their highest levels in six years with a global increase of 13% on the previous year. During this period, we saw an unbelievable 1600% increase in our laptop sales compared to the previous year. We’ve highlighted three of the most popular laptops customers requested over the past year, and luckily for you, we still have plenty in stock!

Intelligent Servers Donates IT Equipment to the National Museum of Computing

In collaboration with Go Deploy, Intelligent Servers recently donated 17 Desktop PCs to the National Computer Museum in Milton Keynes. The PCs will be used by school children and other group trips in a clasroom when visiting the museum to learn about the history of computers. 

Same Faces, New Name!



We've changed our legal name from Intelligent Brokerage Limited to Intelligent Servers Limited. Our Managing Director, Andy Hughes explains why! 

Top 10 funniest comments on our viral ‘How it started: How it’s going’ post from people in IT!



In the age of TikTok, where dancing teens can get a million views in a day, maybe our post with a few hundred likes and 30,000 views isn’t exactly ‘viral’... However, we do love it when the IT community go mad for one of our techy social media posts, so we couldn’t help collating some of the hilarious comments from people who work in IT! If you didn’t see the post, there is a screenshot below!




Ultimate Guide to IT Hardware Acronyms

IT hardware acronyms

Do you know your GBICs from your GPUs? Your DAS from your DIMMs? Moving into a career in IT can be like learning a new language. There are acronyms for almost everything, which can seem a little overwhelming if you’re starting out. Even if you’ve been working in IT for years, the continuous technological advancements, upgrades and new product releases can be a mind field! That’s why we’ve created a breakdown of the common acronyms you’ll come across to help give a better understanding of your devices and how they work.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Refurbished Hardware from Intelligent Servers

We could probably give you 100 reasons why we believe refurbished hardware is better than new, but we know you’re busy, so for now here are 5!


60,000 Sales over the past ten years – here are 6 of our favourites!

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have received our 60,000th sale! Whatever the company, country, or configuration… we’ve probably done it! So to bring back some nostalgia, we’ve decided to identify 6 solutions that are our favourite!

We are FSQS registered!

We are proud to announce that Intelligent Servers has been certified as a fully registered Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) supplier, representing our commitment to security and compliance. FSQS is a vital supplier qualification when dealing with the financial industry.