Cisco Accessory Kits

Refurbished Cisco accessory kits

Our refurbished Cisco Accessory Kits include a range of essential components, such as cables, connectors and adapters - ensuring businesses have everything they need for seamless network integration.

Designed to meet diverse networking needs, these kits are scalable and compatible with various Cisco equipment, providing businesses with flexibility when expanding or upgrading their network infrastructure.

Why shop from Intelligent Servers?

Each Cisco accessory in these kits undergoes a rigorous refurbishment and testing process, assuring that they perform at the same high level as their brand-new counterparts - at a reduced cost of up to 80% less than buying new.

For your piece of mind, we provide a three year warranty and free remote support with every purchase. Free delivery is also included as standard.

Opting for refurbished Cisco Accessory Kits also helps businesses reduce their electronic waste, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Need help finding something? Please get in touch with our friendly support team. Call +44 (0)1423 223430 or use our live chat.

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