HP Blade Mezzanine Cards

Refurbished HP Blade mezzanine cards

Refurbished HP Blade Mezzanine Cards provide a practical and budget-friendly choice for businesses seeking to enhance their server and networking capabilities without compromising on quality or compatibility.

In office environments, these HP Blade mezzanine cards optimise server capabilities, improving data processing and networking efficiency. They seamlessly integrate with a wide range of HP server and blade systems, ensuring versatility and suitability for various server setups.

Our refurbished mezzanine cards provide cost savings of up to 80% when compared to new ones, making them a practical choice for businesses working within budget constraints. 

Rigorous refurbishment processes ensure that these cards meet HP's quality standards, and we also provide a three year warranty as standard. Free remote support and free worldwide delivery are also included.

Have any questions? Please get in touch with our friendly support team by calling +44 (0)1423 223430 or try out live web chat.

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