HP Fibre Cards

Refurbished HP Fibre Cards

Our refurbished fibre cards offer a cost-effective and dependable solution for businesses and professionals seeking high-performance networking and data transfer capabilities.

Fibre cards ensure seamless data transmission and network connectivity, making them a perfect fit for corporate environments and data centers. These cards are designed to meet the demands of high-speed data transfer, catering to critical tasks such as video conferencing, server connectivity, and data backup.

Shop refurbished hardware at Intelligent Servers UK

By choosing refurbished fibre cards, you're not just making a smart financial choice but also an environmentally responsible one - refurbished hardware helps contribute to reducing electronic waste, aligning with eco-conscious business practices.

Our expert technical team rigourously test all our refurbished fibre cards, and their work is backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty. We also offer free remote support for the duration of your warranty term, and free worldwide delivery is included as standard.

Have any questions? Please get in touch with our UK support team. Call +44 (0)1423 223430 or use the live chat on our website.

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