HP 2900 Switch Series

HP ProCurve 2900 Series Switches are multiport switches that can be used to build high-performance switched networks. These switches are store and forward devices offering low latency for high-speed networking. The 2900 switches support Redundant Power Supply technology. The 2900 Switches can be connected to the HPE ProCurve 620 Redundant and External Power Supply (RPS/EPS) and receive redundant power from that unit. If the internal power supply in the switch fails, the RPS/EPS unit will immediately provide all the power necessary to keep the switch running. All of our HP 2900 Switches come with a market-leading three year hardware warranty as well as remote support for the duration of the warranty.
HP 2900 Switches are designed to be used primarily as a high-density wiring closet or desktop switch. The 2900 series can directly connect computers, printers and servers to provide dedicated bandwidth to those devices, and can build a switched network infrastructure by connecting the switch to hubs, other switches, or routers. In addition, the Series 2900 Switches offer full network management capabilities. Need further support when choosing a Switch? Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01423 223 430 or email sales@intelligentservers.co.uk.
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