Database Servers

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Database Servers play a critical role in managing and storing vast amounts of data efficiently and securely. Our refurbished database servers offer powerful processing capabilities, ample storage capacity, and optimised I/O capabilities to ensure seamless database operations.

With a wide range of options for processors, memory, hard drives, power supplies, and more, you have the power to create your ideal server. Simply select your refurbished database server and tailor it to fit your requirements and budget by following the straightforward instructions on the product page.

Why shop with Intelligent Servers?

Our experienced UK technical team quality-tests every refurbished database server and we back this up with an industry-leading three-year warranty – for your complete peace of mind.  

In addition, you’ll enjoy continuous free remote support from Intelligent Servers during your warranty period and can take advantage of our free worldwide delivery.

Have any questions? Contact us at +44 (0)1423 223430 or get in touch using the live chat on our website.