Cisco Power Supplies

Refurbished Cisco power supplies

Refurbished Cisco Power Supplies offer a practical and budget-friendly choice for businesses and IT professionals looking to ensure uninterrupted power supply to their networking equipment, without compromising on quality or compatibility.

Cisco power supplies help maintain uninterrupted power supply in data centers, ensuring smooth operations and safeguarding critical network components. Offices and SMEs also benefit from their ability to ensure consistent connectivity, helping them maintain network reliability and efficiency.

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These refurbished power supplies deliver cost savings of up to 80% compared to brand-new units, making them a sensible choice for businesses looking to manage costs efficiently.

Despite being refurbished, they undergo a thorough testing and restoration process to meet quality standards, ensuring reliability that is comparable to new units. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with a wide range of Cisco networking equipment, guaranteeing versatility and suitability for various network setups.

Intelligent Servers provide an industry-leading three-year warranty with every purchase, including free worldwide delivery and free remote support for the duration of your warranty term.

Have any questions? Please contact our UK support team by calling +44 (0)1423 223430, or use the live chat on our website.

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