IT Hardware Rental

Intelligent Servers has a range of options for your long, medium or short term IT hardware rental requirements. Whether you’re looking to rent a Workstation PC for a week, or you need a complete business infrastructure upgrade for long term rental, we can help!

Our cost-effective rental solutions can help you keep IT projects on track until you get sufficient funds or feel confident enough to invest in your whole data centre. Many of our customers rent hardware Servers, Storage and Networking equipment to set up training centres, perform testing activities, data centre relocation, one-off projects and many more IT requirements.


 Benefits of Renting IT Hardware



IT fluctuating costs reduce costs stay up to date with the latest IT

Cope with fluctuating capacity

If you've got a seasonal business that you know requires more IT equipment during certain times of the year, IT rental could be for you!


Try before you buy

Are you thinking about a new type of technology but unsure if it will work for your business? You can rent hardware, then decide if you want to buy it, or try something else!


Stay up to date

Renting IT offers flexibility. Without the huge initial outlays to buy IT hardware, you can more regularly upgrade your infrastructure.

 reduce IT costs Manage cash flow ITAD avoid it asset depreciation

Reduce costs for short-term project requirements

Why buy hardware that you're only using short-term? You can save costs and don't need to worry about depreciation by renting hardware for short-term projects. 


Manage cash flow

Renting means there are no significant upfront costs that can be damaging to your company's cash flow.


Avoid assets losing value over time

Hardware depreciates quickly and may become obsolete in a few years, requiring further investment.






IT Hardware Rental Case Study


A railway company rented HPE Gen9 Servers, Cisco Switches and 3PAR Storage from Intelligent Servers for a 10 week project.

The rental cost was just £20k, whereas they were looking at almost £100k to buy the equipment outright. At the end of the project, we will collect the hardware. They don't have to worry about depreciation or selling the equipment. Plus, we can easily extend the rental agreement if their project overruns.

Read our full IT Hardware Rental Case Study


casestudyRent 3PAR



If you would like to find out more about our IT hardware rental services, please get in touch with our team on 01423 223430 or email