Refurbished Storage Components

Refurbished Storage Components

Our refurbished Storage Components offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for expanding storage capacity and enhancing data management capabilities. These components include refurbished Host Bus Adapters, Network Interface Cards, Smart Array Controllers, RAID Controllers, USB drives and Optical Drives.

With a range of storage capacities, speeds and interfaces available, these refurbished storage components provide flexibility to meet diverse storage requirements, including primary storage, backup and archiving, or data-intensive applications.

All our refurbished storage components undergo thorough testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability. They are an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade or expand their storage infrastructure while staying within budget constraints.

For your piece of mind, every purchase from Intelligent Servers UK is backed by a three year warranty and free remote support, with free delivery included as standard.

Have any questions? Please get in touch with our UK support team by call +44 (0)1423 223430 or try the live chat on our website.

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