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Intel Xeon Gold Processors

Intel Xeon Gold Processors offer up to 22 cores and up to 3 UPI links. Gold Scalable Processors are designed for efficiency and agility in general purpose computing, storage and networking.

The Gold family has two different model lines: Gold 6100 and Gold 5100. The Intel Xeon Gold 6100 series is limited to up to 4 sockets. It has a full 3 UPI links, supports full DDR4-2666 memory speeds, has both FMA units operational and scales up to 22 cores 44 threads. The Intel Xeon Gold 5100 series can also run with up to four sockets but can only handle 2 UPI links meaning socket to socket bandwidth will be limited.

All of our professionally refurbished Intel Xeon Gold Processors come with a market-leading three-year warranty. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need support deciding on which processor is right for your requirements, please get in touch.

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