HPE 3PAR 8200 66TB Usable 2-Tier SSD & SAS Fully Redundant SAN Configuration

1x K2Q35A - HP 3PAR StoreServ 8200 2-node Storage Base 3x H6Z26A - HP 3PAR 8000 2.5 inch 2U SAS Drive Enclosure 60x K2P93A - HP 3PAR 8000 1.2TB SAS 10K SAS Hard Drive 24x K2P89A - HPE 3PAR 8000 1.92TB SAS SFF (2.5in) SSD 4x 692981-001 - HP 3PAR Rack Rail Kit StoreServ 8x C13-C14 - C13 to C14 1M Power Cable 4x 716189-B21 - HPE 2.0m External Mini SAS High Density to Mini SAS Cable
SKU: K2Q35A Z2P93A K2P95A, K2P89B, K2P93B-CONFIG1
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Product Description

HP 3PAR StoreServ 8200 66TB Usable SSD & SAS 2 Tier Storage

This configuration has 62% SAS Storage & 38% SSD Storage

This 3PAR head is both 8/16Gbit FC & 10Gbit iSCSI ready, which means you can deploy this SAN into your existing Fibre Channel or 10Gbit Ethernet iSCSI Network Infrastructure.

Configuration Breakdown

1x K2Q35A - HP 3PAR StoreServ 8200 2-node Storage Base
3x H6Z26A - HP 3PAR 8000 2.5 inch 2U SAS Drive Enclosure
60x K2P93A - HP 3PAR 8000 1.2TB SAS 10K SAS Hard Drive
24x K2P89A - HPE 3PAR 8000 1.92TB SAS SFF (2.5in) SSD 
4x 692981-001 - HP 3PAR Rack Rail Kit StoreServ
8x C13-C14 - C13 to C14 1M Power Cable
4x 716189-B21 - HPE 2.0m External Mini SAS High Density to Mini SAS Cable

This HPE 3PAR comes fully licensed with the following features enabled: 

  • 3PAR OS Suite
  • Adaptive Flash Cache
  • Adaptive Optimization
  • Autonomic Rebalance
  • Compression
  • Dynamic Optimization
  • File Persona (2147482624G)
  • Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter
  • Online Import
  • Priority Optimization
  • Recovery Manager Central
  • Recovery Manager for Exchange
  • Recovery Manager for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Recovery Manager for Oracle
  • Recovery Manager for SQL
  • Recovery Manager for VMware vSphere
  • RMC Application Suite
  • Smart SAN
  • Storage Federation
  • System Reporter
  • Thin Conversion
  • Thin Copy Reclamation
  • Thin Deduplication
  • Thin Persistence
  • Thin Provisioning (10240000G)
  • Virtual Copy
  • Virtual Domains
  • Virtual Lock
  • VSS Provider for Microsoft Windows


If you don't know much about HPE 3PAR and why the technology is revolutionary to the SAN Storage and Storage sector as a whole, I've outlined a few major advancements compared with traditional SAN Storage Arrays and RAID technology:


  • HPE 3PAR Storage Arrays cut the spinning hard disk drive and SSD drives into 1GB chunklets automatically as soon as the hard drives are inserted into the array. Physical disks are divided into chunklets. When a physical disk is admitted to the system, it is divided into chunklets that become available to the system. Some chunklets are used by Logical Disks. Other chunklets are designated as spares, to hold relocated data during a disk failure or during maintenance procedures.
  •  Each chunklet occupies contiguous space on a physical disk. Space on a physical disk is allocated as follows: All chunklets are 1 GiB; 256 MiB of space is reserved for the table of contents (TOC), which contains the internal description of the system. The TOCs on all physical disks in the system contain the same information; 4 MiB of space is reserved for diagnostic use-2 MiB beginning after the TOC and 2 MiB from the end of the disk logical block address; One or more chunklets are allocated as spares. Any chunklet can be reserved as a spare, but the system setup script selects those chunklets as close to the end of the physical disk's logical block space as possible; The remainder of the disk can be used for Logical Disks.
  • Spare Chunklets Explained - Some chunklets are identified as spares when the system is first set up at installation. Data from other chunklets is moved or reconstructed to these spare chunklets in response to a chunklet or disk failure or when a drive magazine must be serviced. This initial spare storage is equal to the amount of storage in a single drive magazine, using the largest size physical disks.
  • A Logical Disk (LD) is a collection of physical disk chunklets arranged as rows of RAID sets. Each RAID set is made up of chunklets from different physical disks. LDs are pooled together in Common Provisioning Groups (CPG), which allocate space to virtual volumes. Creating CPGs maps out the data layout parameters for creating LDs. LDs are created automatically by the system when virtual volumes are created from CPGs. The RAID type, space allocation, growth increments, and other LD parameters can be set when you create a CPG, or can be modified after you create a CPG. For information about CPGs.


One of the most amazing parts of HPE 3PAR Chunklet technology is that you can lose a whole disk shelf to either power failure or disk loss and you still don't lose your data. This is because there is a rule when the Chunklet RAID Sets are created when you setup your CPG. The array will not let more than 2x 1GB Chunklets from the same Chunklet RAID set reside on the same hard drive or disk shelf. This means that using either RAID1, RAID5 or RAID6 for your CPG's, you will be able to tolerate the loss of a full disk shelf without losing your data or having to bring your 3PAR SAN Storage Array offline. 


Another great feature if that you don't have to group disks into RAID sets of the same sized disk anymore. Because 3PAR splits the disk into 1GB chunklets, as long as you have the same speed disk in the same RAID sets, you can group all sorts of sized disks together. For example, you could have a CPG of 146GB, 300GB, 450GB, 600GB, 900GB or 1.2TB 10K RPM and or 15K RPM hard drives with no problem, because they are of the same speed RPM (You can have 10K and 15K RPM drives in the same CPG). It's the same for the 7.2k RPM drives.... You could have a mixture of 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB or 8TB 7.2k RPM disks in the same CPG, again, because they are of the same RPM speed... Sizes doesn't matter because your 3PAR array cuts your disks into 1GB chunklets! It's the same for SSD's! You can mix the same speed SSD's in the same CPG's!


Another amazing part of 3PAR technology is "Peer Persistence" - If you have 2x HPE 3PAR Array in the same data centre or even at separate colocation facilities, you can group them together into a "Peer Persistence Group". This bascally means that you can present 2x SAN Storage Arrays as 1x Storage array to your HOSTS!! Your hosts think there is just one array using 1x WWN number for then SAN, when in fact there is 2x 3PAR SAN Storage Array. One is the Master Array and one is the Standby Array. In the event of a major disaster, like a power outage to the Master Array, the Standby Array will take over instantly, with no affect felt by your hosts! True SAN failover WITHOUT the setup complexities of old technologies like the old HPE EVA Continuous Access. The 3PAR Arrays do not need to be of the same model or age, you could have a HPE 3PAR 7200c and a HPE 3PAR 8400 in the same Peer Persistence Group.


HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage delivers the performance advantages of a purpose-built, flash-optimized architecture without compromising resiliency, efficiency or data mobility.

HPE 3PAR Operating System Software suite gives you everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently. It is the foundation software of HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, combining advanced virtualization capabilities with simple storage management, high efficiency, and world class performance. 

HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software protects and shares data affordably with rapid recovery using reservation-less, non-duplicative, copy-on-write snapshots. 

HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization improves storage utilization by enabling cost-optimized storage tiering. 

HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization delivers the required service levels for the lowest possible cost throughout the data lifecycle. 

HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization assures service levels with QoS controls for mission critical applications. 

With HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains and HPE 3PAR Virtual Lock software, you can segregate access and deliver robust storage services for different applications and user groups with additional security attached to the retention of storage volumes. 

HPE 3PAR Online Import Software is the first do-it-yourself data migration tool for enterprise Storage Area Networks. Unlike traditional block migration approaches, Online Import Software enables customers to migrate storage volumes from HPE EVA Storage, EMC, Hitachi, IBM Storage to HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems online and without complex planning or dependency on extra tools. 


HPE 3PAR File Persona Software 
This software enables rich set of file protocol services, core file data services and an Object Access API to extend the spectrum of primary storage workloads natively addressed by HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage. With this solution, the architectural benefits of HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage can be extended to use cases such as: home directories and user shares; content management and collaboration; data preservation and governance; and custom cloud applications. 

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) for VMWare vSphere, MS SQL, Oracle and more 
Protect your business critical applications without impacting performance using HPE RMC software. With this automated, nonintrusive software, the simplicity and performance of local and remote snapshots can be combined with the reliability and cost effective retention of deduplicated backups to protect any application data stored on 3PAR arrays. Based on your RTO objectives, retain the space-efficient snapshots on the 3PAR array itself or offload them to a StoreOnce Backup system using fast, efficient, Express Protect Backups. Based on your RPO objectives, generate as many application-consistent recovery points as desired for VMware VMs, MS SQL and Oracle databases or automate the protection workflow for any application data on 3PAR using the RMC REST API SDK. 


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