Server Heatsinks

Refurbished server heatsinks

Refurbished heat sinks are a smart choice for businesses and IT professionals looking for efficient, economical and eco-friendly cooling solutions for their servers and data center hardware.

Our refurbished server heatsinks are expertly restored to their original specifications, ensuring optimal thermal performance. They are designed to dissipate heat effectively, maintaining the ideal operating temperatures for your server components, from CPUs to memory modules. This is crucial for ensuring the longevity and reliability of your critical hardware.

Our technical team carefully test all our refurbished heatsinks to ensure their quality, and we back this with a three-year warranty on all purchases. You’ll also receive free remote support for the duration of your warranty, and free delivery is included as standard.

Have any questions? Please contact our support team by calling +44 (0)1423 223430 or using the live webchat.

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