HP Z240 Workstation

Refurbished HP Z240 Workstations

Optimise productivity and simplify management with HP Z240 Workstations. Multinational engineers, advanced graphic designers, global architects, and leading research companies have all used the Intelligent Servers UK online build tool to configure HP Z240 Workstations with powerful components for a range of applications including computer-aided design (CAD), video editing, 3D modeling software, data mining, rendering, and visualisation. Just click on one of the refurbished Workstations below to start building!

Why get your HP Z240 from Intelligent Servers?

All refurbished HP Z240 Workstations from Intelligent Servers come with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit pre-installed and fully activated.

Refurbished Workstations are available at up 80% off compared to new ones and come with our market-leading three-year warranty including remote support. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or are thinking about a larger IT project using Workstations, please get in touch with our IT specialists.