HP LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for BladeSystem c-Class 659818-B21 662538-001

HP LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for BladeSystem c-Class 659818-B21 662538-001

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659818-B21 662538-001
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    View the refurbished HP LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for BladeSystem c-Class 659818-B21 662538-001 Quickspecs here 

    The HP LPe1205A dual port Fibre Channel HBA provides reliable, high-performance connectivity up to 8Gb/s. The HP LPe1205A also provides features such as data integrity, security and virtualization which are all complimentary to initiatives important to the enterprise data center. For greater system up time, the HP LPe1205A dual port design is the ideal Fibre Channel connectivity solution for applications that rely on high-availability for business continuity. The HP LPe1205A leverages the several generations of Fibre Channel design to provide the greatest level of performance, scalability and manageability. Using Emulex's exclusive firmware and driver architecture, the HP LPe1205A is designed to be fully driver compatible with all Emulex HBAs. Furthermore, this architecture allows firmware to be upgraded without taking the server off-line or re-booting, and without the need to upgrade the driver. This provides hardware investment protection and ensures maximizes system uptime. As with all Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs, the HP LPe1205A is managed with Emulex OneCommand™ Manager (OCM) HBA management application. OCM provides a secure, centralized administration console to discover, and manage Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs on local and remote hosts. Powerful diagnostic tools and flexible interface options (GUI, CLI and Browser) provide the greatest level of manageability. Fibre Channel is the de-facto standard for virtual server storage connectivity and Emulex HBAs are fully qualified for virtual server environments.

    • Comprehensive virtualization capabilities with support for N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and Virtual Fabric - Support for up to 255 VPorts improves server consolidation capabilities and asset utilization.

    • Superior performance capable of sustaining up to 200,000 I/Os per second per channel - Delivers the performance needed for high transaction data base environments (ie: Oracle, SQL Server, etc)

    • Host to Fabric FC-SP authentication - Provides advanced security protecting the SAN from potential threats such as WWN spoofing, compromised servers etc.

    • BlockGuard™ ready (T10-DIF) - ensures end-to-end data integrity, Common driver model allows a single driver to support all Emulex HBAs on a given OS, Easy deployment of new firmware with minimal server reboots, Efficient centralized administration of Emulex HBAs via powerful management tools, 8, 4, 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel link speed support, Full fabric support with automatic topology and auto-negotiation, Message Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X) Support for Greater Host CPU Utilization, Streamlines interrupt routing to improve overall server efficiency, PCI Express Bus: Gen I (x8), Gen II (x4), Multi-Path support for redundant HBAs and paths, Support FC-Tape devices, Operating Systems and Virtualization Software Supported: Windows Server 2008, VMware 5.0, RHEL 5, RHEL 6, SLES 10, SLES 11, Solaris 10 x86, Improved Power Management by monitoring the environment.

    • Cost-savvy -Emulex installation and management tools automate installation and provide local and remote HBA configuration and management, therefore reducing cost of HBA installations across the enterprise. Emulex's automated installation facilities and extensive management capabilities speed HBA deployment and device management, while reducing administration costs and protecting IT investment. Emulex HBAs feature a firmware upgradeable architecture for long-term investment protection, feature and performance upgrades and seamless backward compatibility.

    • Change-ready - Fully compatible with Virtual Connect. Emulex's unique Service Level Interface (SLI) architecture allows complete independence between HBA hardware, firmware and drivers. That means no reboots during configuration changes and no need for OS specific firmware. A single driver model simplifies management and upgrades across multiple generations of HBAs.
      Powerful automation capabilities facilitate remote driver parameter, firmware and boot code upgrades. Advanced diagnostic features such as HBA beaconing and HBA statistics help to optimize management and network performance while the environmental monitoring feature helps to maintain optimum host to fabric connections. In addition to the GUI interface, management functions can also be performed via a scriptable Command Line Interface (CLI) as well as a web browser.

    • Energy-thrifty -The Fibre Channel link rate provides greater bandwidth as a percentage of power consumed. Virtualization capabilities (NPIV and Virtual Fabric improve server consolidation capabilities and asset utilization. Frame-level Multiplexing and out-of-order frame reassembly increases link efficiency and maximizes HBA performance.

    • Time-smart - A common driver model amongst all Emulex HBAs enables a customer to standardize on one driver version across their entire installed base - thus reducing the cost and complexity of managing all HBAs. Superior Quality and Reliability- Emulex HBAs deliver industry-leading reliability levels which minimizes downtime and increases productivity Emulex LightPulse HBA management capabilities enable secure, centralized discovery, monitoring, reporting, and administration of Emulex HBAs on local and remote hosts. With in-band and out-of-band management capabilities, Emulex provides data center administrators with the greatest level of management flexibility.

    • Emulex HBAs deliver industry-leading reliability levels by utilizing a field-proven, single-chip design that minimizes components. Emulex HBAs also use a combination of parity, CRC, ECC and other advanced error checking methods to verify the integrity of data blocks, which are passed from the host interface through the HBA.
    • Emulex HBAs deliver maximum performance levels in real-world application environments, with superior full-duplex data throughput and I/Os per second. And Emulex's exclusive Dynamic Frame Multiplexing ensures consistently superior performance in mixed load environments such as disk and tape back-up applications.
    • BL660c Gen8, BL465c Gen8, BL460c Gen8, BL420c Gen8

    • HP Virtual Connect Products, 8Gb Switches and Directors, 4Gb Switches and Directors, 2Gb Switches and Directors, Compatible with Fibre Channel switches including HP and third party vendors including Cisco, Brocade, and McData
      HP 4Gb Fibre Channel Pass Thru Module for BladeSystem c-Class. 

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