HP Brocade 804 8Gb FC HBA BladeSystem c-Class 590647-B21 592045-001

HP Brocade 804 8Gb FC HBA BladeSystem c-Class 590647-B21 592045-001

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590647-B21 592045-001
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    View the refurbished HP Brocade 804 8Gb FC HBA BladeSystem c-Class 590647-B21 592045-001 Quickspecs here 

    Brocade 8Gb FC Host Bus Adapters offer high performance connectivity, extend fabric features to the server and applications, and integrate seamlessly with management software such as DCFM to provide a complete end-to-end data center solution. Brocade FC HBAs support the Server Application Optimization (SAO) license to extend Brocade data center fabric technologies to the server infrastructure, thereby improving overall application performance and virtual machine scalability. SAO enables individual traffic flows to be specifically configured, prioritized, and optimized throughout the data center. SAO is enabled via software licensing on Brocade switches and directors, and is deployed along with Brocade FC HBAs to help IT organizations more easily manage SAN services across next-generation data centers. Brocade FC HBAs achieve up to 500,000 IOPs per port and deliver line rate throughput performance, making the adapters suitable for I/O intensive applications such as database, backup/restore, virtualization, and rich media. The high performance capabilities of Brocade 8Gb FC HBAs improve server consolidation ratios and reduce overall total cost of ownership for virtualized and non-virtualized environments. Finally, Brocade FC HBAs seamlessly integrate into HP's StorageWorks Data Center Fabric Manager, providing customers a single pane of view of the data center to easily configure and manage all devices from a central location.

    • Server Application Optimization - Application oriented Quality of Service (AQoS) providing the ability to configure, prioritize, and optimize traffic flows from virtual machines and/or applications to the target port.
    • Superior Performance - PCIe 8Gb FC HBAs deliver not only 2x better throughput than 4Gb HBAs, but also 500,000 IOPs to better drive I/O intensive applications and enable higher consolidation ratios.
    • Unified Manageability - Integrates with StorageWorks DCFM to provide a single pane of control and visibility of both the server edge and the fabric switches.
    • Virtualization Focused - Server Application Optimization (SAO) enables virtualization scalability without compromising service levels
    • High Performance - Outperforms competition with up to 500K IOPS
    • Simplified Management - Unified management of SAN fabric and server connectivity resources from a single pane of glass
    • Comprehensive Virtualization - Support for N_Port ID virtualization with up to 256 vports to enhance server consolidation and asset utilization.
    • Fabric Based Boot LUN Discovery - Simplifies boot from SAN configurations by automating the diskless boot process with centralized configuration on the switch and offering the ability to deploy large scale bare metal provisioning.
    • Security Support - Provides "host to fabric" Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP) authentication support to protect the SAN from potential threats such as WWN spoofing, and compromised applications accessing storage.
    • Target Rate Limiting - Ensures maximum throughput of the link between the server and switch by throttling the traffic flow to individual targets, regardless of storage data rate.
    • Interrupt Routing - Improves host utilization and enhances application performance by supporting Message Signaled Interrupted eXtended (MSI-X) 
    • Brocade FC HBAs provide low power consumption
    • Virtualization Focused - Server Application Optimization (SAO) enables virtualization scalability without compromising service levels
    • 8Gb Switches and Directors, 4Gb Switches and Directors, 2Gb Switches and Directors, Compatible with 8Gb and 16Gb HP BladeSystem c-Class Fibre Channel switches and Virtual Connect Modules, Compatible with Fibre Channel switches including HP StorageWorks and third party vendors including Cisco, Brocade, and McDATA. 
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