HP NC364m Quad Port 1GbE BL-c Adapter 447883-B21 448066-001

HP NC364m Quad Port 1GbE BL-c Adapter 447883-B21 448066-001

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447883-B21 448066-001
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    The HP NC364m is a HP BladeSystem c-Class network adapter providing four Gigabit Ethernet ports on a single card saving valuable server mezzanine slots for other purposes. The x4 PCI Express NC364m is supported on both Integrity and ProLiant c-Class servers in all mezzanine slots. For Integrity c-Class servers, it is the first network adapter mezzanine option available providing up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports per BL860c and BL870c server. For ProLiant c-Class servers, the NC364m is the second quad-port adapter option for c-Class allowing ProLiant customers a choice of an adapter that uses either an Intel or Broadcom controller. With the NC364m, up to 128 Gigabit Ethernet ports per c7000 enclosure and 64 per c3000 enclosure are possible. The four ports provide the highest port density available for BladeSystem servers in a single adapter. The NC364m is ideal for virtualization, security, server consolidation, network segmentation, and other server applications requiring maximum throughput and port density. The total aggregate throughput of 8Gbps full duplex also meets the needs for customers desiring high bandwidth but are not yet ready to move to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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    • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports, Supported on ProLiant and Integrity servers in all c-class enclosures, all server mezzanine slots; multiple cards per server. 
    • Dual Intel 82571EB controllers
    • Designed with server needs in mind: IEEE 802.1p, 802.1Q, 802.3, 802.3ad, and 802.3x, ProLiant Teaming including Network Fault Tolerance, Transmit Load Balancing, and Switch-Assisted Load Balancing, 9K Jumbo frames, TCP/IP checksum offload (TCO) and large send offload (LSO), Interrupt coalescence, Dual address cycles (DAC), PXE (when using Virtual Connect modules only), IPv6 packet transmit and receive (excluding all offload capabilities); IPv6 aware SNMPv1 agent for Windows
    • Up to 2000 Mbps full duplex Ethernet transfer rate per port (8000 Mbps combined) delivers outstanding network performance designed to improve response time and remove bottlenecks across the entire network. Four ports on a single adapter are ideal for high density; I/O slot constrained blade servers, virtualization and security, applications, server consolidation, and increased network segmentation. The total aggregate throughput of 8Gbps full duplex also meets the needs for customers desiring high bandwidth but are not yet ready to move to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
    • The NC364m support for 9K jumbo frames (also known as extended frames) permit a 9K byte transmission unit (MTU), which is six times the size of standard 1500 byte Ethernet frame. The NC364m supports jumbo frames as a way to achieve higher throughput and better CPU utilization. Jumbo frames are particularly useful for database transfers and tape backups.
    • EEE 802.1Q virtual local area network (VLAN) protocol allows each physical port of the NC364m to be separated into multiple virtual NICs for added network segmentation and enhanced security and performance. VLANs increase security by isolating traffic between users. Limiting the broadcast traffic to within the same VLAN domain also improves performance. IEEE quality of service (QoS) 802.1p tagging allows the adapter to mark or tag frames with a priority level across a QoS-aware network for improved traffic flow.
    • For overall improved system response, the NC364m supports standard TCP/IP offloading techniques including:

      - TCP/IP checksum offload (TCO) moves the TCP and IP checksum offloading from the CPU to the network adapter.
      - Large send offload (LSO) or TCP segmentation offload (TSO) allows the TCP segmentation to be handled by the adapter rather than the CPU.

    • Interrupt coalescing (interrupt moderation) groups multiple packets, thereby reducing the number of interrupts sent to the host. This process optimizes host efficiency, leaving the CPU available for other duties.
    • Dual address cycles (DAC) provide the ability to address memory above 4 GB and improve system performance by preventing the server operating system from performing a buffer copy from below 4 GB to above 4 GB.
    • The four ports on the NC364m are transmitted to up to four separate enclosure interconnect bays providing redundant signal paths.
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