HPE HP Blade Servers

Due to multiple HPE ProLiant Blade Servers being enclosed into one BladeSystem enclosure, multiple servers share a single network, power and cooling system making them much easier to manage than Rack Servers whilst also maximising the space in your data centre. Ideal for virtualisation, cloud computing and high-performance computing clusters, HPE Blade Servers are ideal for a wide range of workloads and environments.

The IntelligentServers.co.uk state-of-the-art online Server build tool allows you to customise all of our Blade Servers with compatible Memory, Processors, Hard Drives and more. Click on one of the blades below to start building!

IntelligentServers.co.uk is one of the leading refurbished Server, Storage, Networking and components resellers in the UK and Europe. HPE Blade Servers and all other hardware on our site come with an unbeatable three year warranty for complete peace of mind. At IntelligentServers.co.uk, we provide exceptional service that we'd want to experience ourselves! So, if you have a question, please give us a call on 01423 223 430, email sales@intelligentservers.co.uk, speak to us on live chat or visit our Contact Us page.

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